Danny DooM

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At first glance, Daniel Gabriel Venzor fits the description of any unassuming 20-something living in Los Angeles. His jeans-and-t-shirt style, tousled dark hair and lip piercing are normal by the standards of his age bracket. But armed with his acoustic guitar and song lyrics, it's quickly apparent that Venzor colors outside the lines of status quo. Teetering on the edge of his alter ego/stage name, Danny Doom, he captivates audiences with his raw emotions and skillful playing. Through his music, he conveys "the weaknesses, the shortcomings and the insecurities that [people] never put on display."

Most of Danny Doom's content is inspired by what he calls a "loss of love". he says "you learn more about yourself when you're falling down, losing". Although sometimes difficult, the life lessons he gained helped him become an introspective thinker. This would later lead him "to create something that showcased who people were on the inside."

Inspired by punk rock, pop rock, screamo, hardcore and acoustic, DooM began playing the drums in second grade. He admits to being naturally gifted at learning basic rhythms and beats. By the age of 13, he had summoned his inner writer and began writing poetry, which later became original song lyrics.

Danny Doom has been playing acoustic guitar for more than 7 years, and is starting to make noise with his new EP, Falling. This album will feature seven stories that highlight the experience and emotions of taking the plunge. He hopes to display an honest and real depiction of life events through a form of poetic storytelling. Musically, Danny Doom believes that traits like authenticity and a real message are almost completely lost among younger generations. "Through my music, I hope to inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves, at the same time detailing the experiences that have pushed me from my worst to become my best".